Rent Out your Property in Nottingham

When you deal with us at Jeremiah Housing, you will have the chance to get involved with our cause by renting out your property in Nottingham. As a landlord, you will be helping homeless people in need, including vulnerable adults and young people, get the accommodation they deserve in the region.

We Manage Tenants

Our experts will comprehensively manage tenants, including collecting rent effectively, maintaining the condition of your property, and keeping it occupied.

Long-Term Agreements

When you rent out your property to our organisation, you can benefit from long-term agreements that will keep your units occupied.

Regular Property Inspections

We offer regular property inspections to ensure that everything is properly maintained and that the condition of your property is at its best.

Benefits of Renting Out your Property With Us

We develop working relationships with existing landlords to increase the opportunity of accessing move-on accommodation. When you rent out your property with us, you will be helping vulnerable adults and families in Nottingham have a shelter above their heads. You will be changing their lives and saving them from being homeless with no support or hope. Reach out to our experts today to get a free property valuation and learn more about the benefits of renting out your property to our organisation.

What If You Don’t Have a Property to Rent?

If you’re a landlord with no property to rent out, you can still contribute to us in other ways, such as donating to our organisation. You may not have a property available or in the right location to rent, but you can still support us and the work we do in many ways. Consider contributing to Jeremiah Housing today!

Reach out to our experts to rent out your property in Nottingham!